Node Security

Stake Solana assets with Nanny Nodes securely!

We take security seriously and place the highest priority on ensuring the security of your data. 
To ensure the highest level of security and maintain the smooth operation of the node 24/7:
- We use servers in the best Data Centers, where the best equipment is installed and best security
practices are implemented at all levels of the infrastructure.
- We get notified about new Solana releases and perform updates in accordance with
official recommendations.
- We check for and install Linux security patches. Kernel updates are coordinated
with Solana updates, to minimize downtime.
- OS images we use are securely hardened and checked/rebuilt periodically.
- There are no installed or used applications on the server that are not related to the validation
of Solana or its maintenance.
- A stable network connection bandwidth - 1Gbit/s.
- Enabled and configured firewall - all unused network ports are closed.
- External scanners are used in order to check our system security.
- We access servers using a secure SSH method.
- Alerts are delivered via multiple communication channels.
- Solana Validator does not have access to your assets.